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September 6, 2019

July 26, 2019

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Slow Progress

November 15, 2018

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Empowered Nutrition Coaching Photo Essay

June 28, 2019

Three weeks ago, my friend Carmel and I did a photo shoot to celebrate my Empowered Nutrition Coaching success. Honestly, photoshoots aren’t something I do. I don’t usually like how I look in photos and I haven’t had many big life events I have deemed worthy of a photo shoot, but PN made planning a photo shoot one of the two-week habits and so much good has come from this program I decided to embrace it. 


I have never planned a photo shoot before and luckily there were lessons to help guide this experience. The lessons focused on ways to reflect your best self in an authentic way and pick locations and props true to who you are. With all that in mind I decided my photos needed to be:

  1. Colorful, because that is the aesthetic I love most.

  2. Outside, because this year has thought me how important spending time outside is.

  3. At a Denver landmark, because Denver is my home and a big piece of who I am.

  4. In my new clothes, because they allowed me to embrace the “New Tamara."


With those guidelines set up I decided on two photo shoot concepts: 

  1. A pretty shoot in everyday clothes at the Denver Botanic Gardens 

  2. An athletic shoot at Sloan’s Lake


Finding a photographer was easy because my wonderful friend Carmel is a photographer. When I asked Carmel if she would do a photoshoot with me she was more than willing to do so and made sure to provide a fun experience where I was relaxed and confident. 


Carmel did not disappoint. I love the photos she took and I think many of them truly reflect my year of Empowered Nutrition Coaching. Below is a photo essay about my Empowered Nutrition Coaching Journey from the photos Carmel took. 




When my year of Empowered Nutrition started I felt like someone had stolen my smile, but today I am literally jumping for joy because I found my most authentic sparkle.



Through the power of 

















relaxation, taking time to notice what is right, exercise, and increasing my intake of plants



I have become a healthier and more confident version of myself.
































I have made it out of the woods and am looking on to better things.








I have baggage, but I am moving forward with it and am in for a beautiful journey. 



















I am looking forward to continuing on this road where I











acknowledge all the good around me while








working towards my goals and 









getting comfortable with bumps in the road. 






















I am opening myself up for others to see my colorful, multilayered self. 




Not only am I upbeat and courageous. 

I am strong enough to speak up for myself.










After this year of attaining better health, building resistance, developing a change mindset, and learning self-compassion I have deeper happiness and am able to handle whatever comes next. 


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