Celebrate Good Times - Come On!

November 8, 2019

Two days after I wrote my last post about how I was struggling to manage all that was on my plate, I completed the Rock n Roll 10K which I spent months training for. IT WAS AMAZING! Between my Couch to 10K training app and how my body adjusted its breathing after hiking a 14er, running finally clicked for me. After two years of attempting to be a runner, I can now run at a comfortable pace for miles at a time.


Along with finally getting my runners legs, the race itself was so cool! It started in Denver Civic Center Park, went by the big blue bear at the Colorado Convention Center to the 16th Street Mall, passed the Pepsi Center to Coors Field and then ended at the Colorado State Capitol. I literally ran past some of the places I love most in Denver. My friends were there along the way. I started the race with Andronik, Hilary was passing out water at the 4-mile marker, Danielle was near the finish the line with her brand new puppy and at the finish line were Andronik (who finished before me) and his wife (who happens to be one of my oldest friends), Elana. 


The whole weekend had been pretty amazing. It started in the mountains with some incredible women for a board retreat, then back to Denver to celebrate my cousin getting engaged to the love of her life. After the race a friend had a bunch of people over for lunch, then I went to another friend’s Kickstarter campaign launch. There was a ton to celebrate! 


Sunday evening I took a few minutes to lie down and savor that I completed the race. I acknowledged all my hard work and the feeling of accomplishment I felt. My eating was still off because of all I had going on, but on Monday I made a healthy food choice that I celebrated. Which was a reminder of my Empowered Nutrition Coaching habit to celebrate my success, which then reminded me of the habit where I had to be my own coach and focus on something that would best serve me for the week. I combined the two and decided that for the week I would celebrate my success. It motivated me to do more. Upon returing to OrangeTheory Fitness after putting my membership on hold for the month, I immediately signed up for and completed Hell Week.  


Celebrating what I was doing right really reignited my health motivation. The following week I was my own coach again and made my weekly habit to eat a balanced plate at every meal. This habit started another positive action of getting back to food prep. 



Not only did celebrating my progress lead to recommitment of my food intake, I had one more thing to celebrate...buying new jeans that are THREE SIZES DOWN from when I began coaching with Kaitlyn. 



A big part of coaching with Kaitlyn is celebrating what works instead of dwelling on what doesn’t.  It is a skill I have begun to transfer into other areas of my life. Sometimes it is really hard to do, but the past few weeks have shown me why it is so important. I hope where ever you are right now and in spite of whatever challenges you are going through, you find something to celebrate too! 


If you are struggling to celebrate your health schedule a free consultation with Kaitlyn between now and Thursday, November 14 to see if Empowered Nutrition Coaching change change your mindset and body. 

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